Easy Calorie Counter App Reviews

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Simple but buggy

Simple and would be very good except items can’t be edited if you make an entry error. Requires restarting … which doen’t alway fit the problem. The bugs make it unuseable.


Super slow at searching for foods… Took 10 mins to find an apple. Does not track progress over time. A bit useless.

useless calorie tracker

Hard to navagate and cuts in and out of service while using. Not recomended if you have to pay for it

I like it

I find it very handy. It finds what I need very quickly, looking for cheese slices etc. Has a calculator to help you figure out what your ideal caloric intake is for fat loss and for maintenance. it has a wide range and I like that it develops your own database so you dont always need to have internet access. I havent tried this feature yet so I dont know how good it is yet. However just to all the prior comments on its "slowness" I find it extremely rapid, almost instant, so maybe they were using an earlier version. It now records your days and you can save it, you can add recipes if youre cooking your own food (or have access to the recipes of what youre eating) and it calculates the calories for you.


Does exactly what it states, easy to record entries and watch your daily caloric intake. Best of all, no hidden fees like some other calorie counters!

Nice interface and features, poorly programmed

I am starting a new nutrition program and wanted a simple calorie tracker. This app interface is excellent; however, it has a lot of glitches. The interface starts off by showing "Day 1" and the date when you first get it, but say, for example, you start your nutrition program 3 days after that and want to start from Day 1, you will have to accept that your "Day 1" will say "Day 4" on the interface. There is no way to get the "Day 4" to say "Day 1." I tried a number of ways to correct it including trying to delete preferences (couldnt find the pref file for it anywhere), trashing the app and then downloading a new install (still shows Day 4), deleting days 1 to 3 so that Day 4 will change to "Day 1" (just stays at Day 4 and now you permanently have no access to Days 1 to 3). Many other glitches as well like not tallying calories entered correctly and sometimes not even registering an entry at all. I hope they fix these glitches soon and then I will change my rating from 1 to 5 stars as I like the simplicity and it would be exactly what I want.

ugly, clumsy app

Nothing Mac-like. This app is basic, clumsy and you have a row of social icons... like I really want to advertise for them. Measurements are absurd, like 1 cubic inch cracked wheat bread or 1 oz but no other options. One of the ugliest interfaces I have seen in a long time. And no way to track calories consumed over time or weight loss or gain. There are much better apps out there. I tried this because it was cheap... and it isnt worth the $1.99 I paid for it.

So glad to have this app!

After using for two weeks now I can say this is my favorite calorie counter, super easy to use! Most of the foods Ive added have been in the database and its really easy to add the ones that arent. This is a great app!

Its ok

So far its not bad. I have to kinda estimate or guess at some items...but I think its pretty accurate.

not so good

generally cannot enter data by weight. It wants cups. Salt is in tablespoons*(thats alot). Cannot enter a food that I bought, can only guess at the recipe. Cant enter whole wheat bread by weight. Duh. some sliced are much bigger than others. There is no manual.

Not so great

This app is not too helpful and has very limited options. Its also hard to tell what some of the food is; for example, trying to put in hotdog it classifies it as a sandwich in the serving size so it is unclear if it includes the bun or not. It was money not well spent, I wouldnt recommend it. There are better, more advanced calorie counters for free online.


I cant use it because it crashes after typing a couple of letters of the alphabet.

Calorie Counter

There is a variety of foods in the data base and I like that it has google attached in order to find the exact amount of calories. The screen, where the Foods, Servings and Calories show, is shifted so it is hard to see what is written. Besides that it seems to be working fairly well.


This is the most convenient calorie counter Ive used. Looking up calories is always the hardest part of tracking. It does mulitple searches and lets you create your own items or enter recipies. I use 10.6.8 and it runs fine. It calculates your target and shows you your totals in the lower right corner. Simple and easy to use. 5 stars but a graph over time would be a nice addition.

Easy to use; no cheers or jeers

I like this app because its simple, cheap, and looks up calorie counts on Google if it doesnt already have it in the program. It also counts whatever you put into it with your own recipes; no questions asked. Of course, you have to be honest! It does take a little learning curve to figure out how to enter new, "unknown" foods. Room for improvement: (1) the app sometimes quits unexpectedly; (2) "ideal weight" for age/frame had to be a compromise between the chart and what I could only guess was my frame type (how do you figure that out???); some instruction here would be helpful. What I like: it just counts calories and shows how far above or below you are from your calorie target. No silly feedback on how great Im doing, or kind suggestions if I keep going "over"…everyone loses weight their own way; its personal, and you do whatever works for YOU. I am picky about this kind of thing, and so far, this calorie counter works for me.

a major missing feature.

Like the program, versatilve, editable and certainly easy to use. Makes sense. The only issue I have is printing out the daily reports. I have a dietician who wants to see my daily menu to make adjustments and at the moment I am having to lift each page and paste it to a Pages document. Printing directly from the program would be a great feature.


App freezes immediately when trying to search for an item. Tried it three times, had to force quit through finder each time. I will be requesting a refund.


I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this app becuase it doesn’t work! It crashes after several seconds of being open. I will be requesting a refund! DONT BUY THIS IT DOESNT WORK!!!


Crashes as soon as I type anything, very frustrating.

Crashes Everytime

It crashes everytime I open it also… should have read the bad reviews first

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